Blended Retirement System Calendar Year 2020 Continuation Pay Rates Announced

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

The Navy announced the release of Calendar Year (CY) 2020 Blended Retirement System (BRS) mid-career continuation pay (CP) rates for eligible Sailors in NAVADMIN 132/19, June 20.

CP is a one-time mid-career incentive pay in exchange for an agreement to perform four years of additional obligated service.  CP is in addition to any other career field-specific or retention incentives.

Sailors who want to receive the mid-career CP are reminded that they must be enrolled in BRS and request CP before completion of 12 years of service.  Sailors can elect CP through Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) via MyNavy Portal at  

Sailors are encouraged to update their email address in NSIPS in order to receive notifications for CP eligibility at six, three and one month away from completion of their 12th year of service.

Sailors who are unable to elect CP through NSIPS may manually elect CP through their command career counselor.  Sailors can find more CP information including instructions on electing CP in NAVADMIN 302/17 and MILPERSMAN 1810-081.  For any other CP issues, Sailors can contact MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) at 833-330-MNCC or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sailors eligible for the mid-career CP can view the CY 2020 pay rates memorandum at