Sisters at Heart

 Sisters at Heart

Sisters are born to each other,
Or happen through friendships by fate
But however it happens or when,
Nature has given a gift that is great.

Being true sisters means loving,
And listening when problems loom grand
No one's comfort or kindness could feel better,
Than the touch of a sister's kind hand.

Complianing of life's hassles and hurting,
Or simply meeting each other for fun
A sister's friendship and warm gentle greeting,
Is like basking in bright winter sun.

Sisters always find the time to share laughter,
Or to agrue a point or complian
For there are times when sisters will differ,
But their love will always remain.

So here's to the world's greatest sisters,
The ones who remain friends from the start
They're the ones picked by each other,
Because they truly are sisters at heart!

This was written by Elizabeth Lucas.

Received anonymously in email