To say Good-bye to love

 To say Good-bye to love

Oh loath today, this the darkest of all days That upon my arising did fracture
my heart into a handful of gems and send them skittering across the floor like
one thousand pieces of my soul And in this day I find no warmth, No sun to rise
and light my way nor cloud to buffer me gently into mid day slumber only a cold
dry wind that rips at me in my uncovered loneliness the thousand pieces of my
heart lay upon my humour and do affect my goodwill towards man for on this
day.......like no other day before it I could rend the world with my cries of
protest In my anguish I have transcended emptiness and found there is something
worse than even that doth hold Letting go the hand of Hope I watch her walk
away from me her feet do scurry in her haste to be free of me For what is Hope
if she is tied to one who has no soul As I at this moment surely must not have
a soul This vast empty place where my heart was so short a time ago Now
littered with the translucent gems of my immortality They lay across their
sooted backdrop like the million stars that fill the night sky only the night
sky, she holds beauty in her hand I have here emptiness and not even the cold
light of the moon will touch me my heart has set sail upon the open sea for
places I will never go and people I will never meet and he has taken with him
all the pieces that are everything I am to keep safely in his care until he can
bring them back to me

Traci Williams
wife of IT2 Williams Jason Hugh, USS Fletcher
Naval Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii

contributed by Traci Williams [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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