To my Fiance

 To my Fiance

I still remember the day that you left me for boot camp. The piercing pain
in my heart, like I was loosing my best friend. Filled with fear and
uncertainties I let you go. I remember watching you plane take off
wondering how would I ever make it without you. The nine weeks you spent in
Chicago felt like an eternity, and the pain and tears seemed to never end.

The day of our reunion was surreal, I felt a way that I never thought I
could feel. Although we had been very far away the love that I had for you
seemed to have grown stronger with each passing day. I feeling of deep
emotion, something that I never could express, lied deep within me and all
that I could think was that I had been truly been blessed. Blessed to have
a love that was so strong, blessed to have a love that could hang on.

I take no credit for the strength of my love, for it is all the work of Our
Lord up above. And even now as you have departed in the wind, that same
pain has surfaced again. And while you are gone and the calls and letters
are none and rare I over look it because I know that you do care. I know
that you are busy, and you don't time. That if you had it your way you
would be home today. It never gets easier , the pain is the same when the
man that you love has to go away.

When he returns you lives can carry on and all of your feared and worries
can be washed off the shore. So if you have a sailor like myself, wait for
him because you will be immeasurably blessed.

To my Sweetie OS 3 Dupree
Philnisha Williams

contributed by Philnisha Williams